KYA KEYS has developed special initiatives to promote literacy, encourage self-advancement through reading, assist with the collection of reading materials for libraries, programs, charities, and organizations in need, encourage a well-read society, and celebrate the joy of reading! Notably, KYA KEYS has focused on:

1) Ontario Correctional Facilities as a result of the over-representation of people of African descent in the criminal justice system.


2) Jamaican-Canadian organizations Maica Impact and the Jamaican-Canadian Association through collections and donations, ad hoc book drives, special programming, and fundraisers. Within the province of Ontario and across Canada, the Jamaican population constitutes one of the largest groups of Black immigrants.


The following reader/writer-friendly items are on sale, with proceeds supporting the KYA KEYS Book Donation Program. Read more here!


KYA KEYS is Kya Publishing’s book donation program, encouraging a love for books through literary keys: providing access, potential solutions, and systems for solving issues through reading. We collect and donate:

  • motivational/instructional self-help books
  • children’s books
  • gently used books of all genres
  • funds towards the purchase of new books

We request that educational materials are published within the last 10 years.

For additional info, email