Urban Music Mixes & Book Soundtracks

Produced by Kya Publishing; mixed by Toronto's DJ Majesty; listen now online at soundcloud.com/kyapublishing.com!

Caribbean Women in Music Reggae/Soca Mix (2018)

A Women's Day tribute featuring various female reggae and soca artists!

Hip Hop/Trap Mix (2016)

An exclusive 2016 hip hop/trap music mix from DJ Majesty!

#TUBE2015 Urban Mix (2015)

An urban music mix of the year's biggest jams, in promotion of the 2015 Toronto Urban Book Expo!

Soca Mix (2014)

A unique female soca artist mix, and a mix of the hottest soca tracks for the 2014 carnival season!

​​"Urban Toronto Tales" Soundtrack - Urban Mix (2013)

Mixes representing the 8 individual novels of the Urban Toronto Tales collection: featuring reggae, soca, hip hop, ol' skool, and slow jams!