Stacey Marie Robinson, MA


I am a writer, communications specialist, entertainment and media enthusiast, and musician. Documenting cultural stories is my passion, and I use this hobby as a tool to fulfill dreams and explore life. Born and raised in Toronto, I come from a Jamaican family that lives to educate and has a passion for music. I am a proud Canadian, I honour my Caribbean heritage, and hope to reflect both cultures accurately and respectfully in all that I do. My spirit is driven by the arts and the community. 

​​The books of my Canadian Urban Fiction novel/short story collection--the URBAN TORONTO TALES--are
available online through Kya Publishing in eBook and paperback format. Please feel free to also check out my URBAN TORONTO TALES blog for regular entertainment news, commentary, and reviews:

I welcome your inquiries, projects, and conversation, and can be reached directly at stacey@

Creative History


2001 - Present
Composed feature, entertainment, and news articles, supported editorial and design staff, and contributed to the communication of publications including The Lance (University of Windsor), [Caribbean-Canadian] Pride News Magazine, The South End (Wayne State University), Windsor Vox, Nite Scene Magazine, Automotive News, [West-Indian Entertainment] WE Magazine,, Perfect Bound (Ryerson University).


2008 - Present
Author and publisher of the 9-book URBAN TORONTO TALES collection: cultural in nature, in character, and in context, the stories and lessons of these novels and short story collections are universal. The authenticity to urban Canadian-specific language, locales, events, and lifestyles are a unique feature of Stacey's publications. These novels were crafted as resources, to complement the documentation of contemporary urban culture, as well as provide youth and young adults with a favourable and relevant reading alternative. For adult readers, it will be an accurate reflection as well, primarily based on Canadian-specific references, pop culture nostalgia, and unique cultural nuances.

Community Worker

1997 - Present
An active participant in community organizations and initiatives, dedicated to uplifting youth and celebrating culture: Black Youth Taking Action (BYTA - University of Windsor), Black Student Union (BSU - University of Windsor), the Urban Music Association of Canada (UMAC - Toronto), the Toronto Revellers (Toronto Carnival), Linkage Movement (Toronto), Venom Carnival (Toronto Carnival), and the Nia Centre for the Arts (Toronto).

Music Instructor

1995 - Present

Conducts lessons in music theory and piano; designs individual programs and teaching tools.

Biography of SMR

With an academic background in writing, editing, music (piano/guitar/clarinet), media/communications, and publishing, Stacey Marie Robinson directs the activities and operation of Kya Publishing, including the creation, promotion, and production of her novels—the Urban Toronto Tales collection—along with the Journal of Canadian Urban Fiction, the Kya Keys Book Donation Program (in support of urban literacy), and the Toronto Urban Book Expo.

A culmination of her passions, Kya Publishing, founded in 2007, is committed to the promotion and celebration of urban Canadian books, arts/entertainment, and culture. Through Kya Publishing, Stacey also provides a variety of writing and communication services for writers, urban artists, and community organizations.

Stacey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies (University of Windsor), a Masters in Communications (Wayne State University, Detroit), and a diploma in Publishing (Ryerson University).