Happy Emancipation Month, Toronto!

​​We were really looking forward to meeting with you all again, from July 29 through July 31 here in Toronto to celebrate our 6th Toronto Urban Book Expo, in the days leading up to Emancipation Day in Ontario, Canada and Emancipation Month in Toronto. In lieu of this year's in-person Writer's Retreat & Conference, we are featuring a modified version of #TUBE2020 highlighting of words of reflection, empowerment, greetings, and support from writers from Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, and Africa. We hope their voices (and books) can be used as tools for enlightenment and inspiration. We invite you to access the individual presentations by clicking on the author photos posted above. If you'd like to connect directly with the writers, their social media contact information is listed below.

ANGELA WALCOTT (Toronto, Canada) - "Reflections"

Through an insightful reflection, and a multimedia visual presentation highlighting her spoken word performances and sketches, writer/journalist Angela Walcott shares her perspectives about being Black in the current social climate of instability and revolution. | Twitter @AngelWinged

ANGELOT NDONGMO (Toronto, Canada) - "Nurturing our Black Children Through Literature"

Children's author Angelot Ndongmo shares her thoughts about the importance of nurturing Black children through literature, and how her books have been used as a tool for guiding conversation about self love. | IG @AuthorAngelotNdongmo

D.A. BOURNE (Toronto, Canada) - Growing Up Black in Canada: "Silence is not a Stance"

Canadian author D.A. Bourne reflects on his time growing up as one of few Black families in rural Manitoba, and the importance of small towns and churches letting their voices be heard in support of Black Lives Matter and the fight against racial inequality and systemic oppression. He also shares about his Christian urban fiction book series, The Phat Five. | @AuthorDABourne

DJ MAJESTY (Toronto, Ontario) - "All Toronto Hip Hop Tribute Mix"

Toronto-based Ryan Lowe (aka DJ Majesty) has put together book soundtracks, promotional music, and has provided musical entertainment for our events for the past few years. This year, he created a special 30-minute mix featuring the best of new and old sounds of Toronto hip hop. | IG @DJMajesty101

ISABEL HUNT (Toronto, Canada) - "What does it mean to be Black and have a mental illness?"

Her blog (dedicated to experiences managing mental health conditions, from a Black/Caribbean-Canadian perspective), features a range of writings and reflections from writer and mental health advocate Isabel Hunt. Her article "What does it mean to be Black and have a mental illness?" is an honest reflection on her personal experiences with depression, OCD, and anxiety. Her related book "A Hidden Life" is coming soon! | IG @IsabelHunt1985

JAMEEL DAVIS(Cleveland, USA) - "Greetings from the Toronto Urban Book Expo Board of Directors"

A special welcome message from Toronto Urban Book Expo Board member, writer, and motivational speaker Jameel Davis, including an update about his provocative forthcoming book "Completely Naked." | IG@CultivatingMiinds_

JEFFREY LEE CHEATHAM II (Seattle, USA) "Greetings from Seattle"

Toronto Urban Book Expo Board Member and founder of the Seattle Urban Book Expo Jeffrey Lee Cheatham II sends a hello from Washington state, and invites readers to check out his new children's book: "What Happened When Charlie Met Clair?" | IG @AuthorJeffCheatham2

KAMILAH HAYWOOD(Toronto, Canada) - "The Crumbling of a System"

Kya Publishing author Kamilah Haywood reflects on the year 2020, and outlines the power of the historical moment and how we can best maximize this time as artists and as a community. | IG @KWoodz29

OSAGYEFO MCGREGOR OF KAREATIVE INTERLUDE(Toronto, Canada)- "The Power of the Press: Aligned for Success"

In this presentation, Kareative Interlude co-owner Osagyefo McGregor explores the best way for writers to move their projects forward in 2020 and beyond. The discussion looks at the importance of culture, leadership, marketing, and business practices with timely information to phase, plan, and promote the next great book! | IG @KareativeInterlude

MUTENDEI NABUTETE (Nairobi, Kenya) - "The Role of the Writers of Africa & African Descent"

From Nairobi Kenya, writer Mutendei Nabutete shares his thoughts about "why he writes," and also presents an in-depth look at the roles, expectations, and strengths of writers from Africa and the diaspora. | IG @Mutendei_Writes

STACEY MARIE ROBINSON(Toronto, Canada) - "Notability: Bringing Black Books to Durham Region"

A profile of Shevaun Pierre, her online bookstore Notability, and the inspiration behind her business and title selection. | IG @StaceyMarieRobinson

WILMONT ST. CYR (Spooner's Hill, Barbados) - "Greetings from Barbados​"

Author of "Fields of Death" and forthcoming novel "The Vault," Wilmont St. Cyr sends a message of support from Barbados, along with an introduction to his novel. | IG @Wo_St_Cyr

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