COMMUNICATING URBAN LITERATURE AND CULTURE  // KYA PUBLISHING is a Toronto-based boutique publishing and communications company that offers writing, editing, publishing, and communication services in support of cultural writers and artists. We are also the creators of the Journal of Canadian Urban Fiction, the Toronto Urban Book Expo, and the Kya Keys Book Donation Program. Kya Publishing is committed to the promotion and celebration of urban Canadian books and culture. 

Kya Publishing has ten books currently in print including the Urban Toronto Tales collection:
Carnival SpotlightVideo Light, Request to Rewind, The Hook Up, Friends with Benefits, The Way We Used to Be, First Year, I Wish I Never Met Him, and Eighteen which are available here online, and are in circulation at the Toronto Public Library. The newest addition to our catalogue is Kamilah Haywood's novelDiamond in the Rough Part 2. Coming soon: Bonafide Toronto Love (Stacey Marie Robinson).